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Practical Use of Tactical Knowledge

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Dark Horse Unlimited has an over-arching goal of making the world a better and safer place. We do this through community, group, family and individual education and training so you can make your world a better and safer place.

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Cat Thor
CEO and Founder

CAT THOR is the Founder, CEO and Head Instructor for DarkHorse Unlimited, LLC. He has been involved in the security, disaster planning, survival and preparedness world for over 20 years and has been a staunch advocate of communities working together for greater safety and prosperity. As a wilderness and urban survival expert, he has taught hundreds of students to survive and thrive with confidence in any environment, both as individuals and as a community working for the greater good.

Growing up in the Adirondack Mountains of Upstate NY, CAT found a passion for nature and the outdoors at a young age. He and his brother became avid students of a friendly Algonquin leather trader, Samoset (a.k.a. Samo), who taught a couple of kids a thing or two about the flora and fauna of the forests. With Samo as a role model for warriorship and all that it truly means, CAT found direction and determined that he, too, would live the life of a warrior. So he joined the Army as soon as he turned 17.

After the Army, CAT took his meager belongings, stuffed them into a rucksack and started walking across the country, from coast to coast, on what he believed was his Spirit Quest. It took 5 years and many grand adventures along the way, but eventually he found himself atop a mountain in Washington State living with only his wits and skills on 40 acres far from anything or anyone. This was the time he determined to discover what was most important in life. This was where he found his purpose…

As a former US Army Ranger, he decided to put his warrior skills to use and has been teaching personal defense tactics for 25 years and tactical pistol and rifle for over a decade. With experience in Executive Protection, Disaster Recovery, Emergency Planning, Critical Incident Response, and Logistics Support, CAT has a passion for protection and a cause for continuity.

As a lover of the outdoors and all things Nature, for over a decade he has been teaching about edible and medicinal plants, bushcraft skills, wilderness survival and even urban survival (yes, that’ s Nature, too). With firsthand experience in surviving in the wild with only his Skills, Knowledge and Tools (those being a knife and some wonderful books on plants and plant properties), CAT has walked the hard road to learning and shares his insights at venues all across the Southwest. He is a life-long warrior-poet whose mission in life is simple: to make the world a better place before moving on...

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