There are gates in each of our lives that we find ourselves passing through, actively or begrudgingly, that lead us inexorobly to change.  And change, She is a-comin!  This my first blog on my first website for my first wholy owned business is one of those gates.  It was through sheer chance that the oportunity presented itself and only through the persistent and emphatic insistance of scores of friends and former clients that persuaded me to take the venture last year.   And what a year it has been!

The journey has been both challenging and rewarding in so many ways and each served to validate in one way or another that my friends were right and that people will want what I can offer.  So, as my first online official act on my first website for this first business venture, I want the record to officially show that I in no way could have achieved this level of success without the love and support of those closest to me.  Their unwaivering encouragement has been an inspiration.

That being said, I shall endeavor to make future blog posts both less about me, more about YOU and hopefully impart some small measure of wisdom along the way.  Until then… Semper Paratus!

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