DarkHorse Unlimited is proud to announce the soon-to-be-released annual membership program, in partnership with the Rifle Mountain Sportsman’s Club.  Our Mission Statement is clear and simple:

       “Rifle Mountain Sportsman’s (RMS) Club is dedicated to the pursuit of individual and community excellence through comprehensive professional training, dynamic social interaction, and mutual support.”

And our Goal is equally simple and impassioned:

        “To find the right combination of skills, knowledge and attitude: Constitutionally dedicated, Tactically oriented, Logistically inclined, Civic minded, Community driven, Good hearted, American Patriots.”

The Club membership plan is laid out simply as well, in the hopes of finding the right fit for everyone.

Basic Membership:

     Full Standard Range Use (Bus. Hrs. only)

     Full RV/Camping Use (24×7 with notification and sign in)

     20% Discount on all Monthly Training programs

     Peripheral Discounted Prices (ammo from Fort Rock Armory, tactical and survival equipment, etc.)

     Peripheral Services (on-site FFL use, gunsmithing, etc.)

Bronze Membership:

     All of the Basic Member privileges and more!

     7 Days/Wk access to Facility (Extended Bus. Hrs.)

     Access to Targeted Monthly Training Program (tactical, medical, survival, etc.)

     On site storage space available

     24×7 On Site Security

     Anonymous package/mail delivery and shipping based on assigned member number, not names

Gold Membership:

     All of the Basic AND Bronze Member privileges and still more!

     24×7 Access to Facility (w/ notification & sign-in)

     Access to Full Spectrum Team Training Program (small unit tactics, group dynamics, medical, communication, etc.)

     Access to the Bronze level training program (conducted on a separate weekend)

     Discounts on Firearms, tactical and survival equipment, construction materials, conex containers, etc.

Diamond Membership:  BY INVITATION ONLY!

     ALL of the other Member privileges (Basic, Bronze and Gold) and more!

     Access to an assigned plot of land (approx. ½ acre) reserved for each Diamond Member’s individual use!

     24×7 access and use of the assigned plot of land, year round!

     Access to water (well) and power for each assigned plot!

     Permission to place storage containers (with reduced pricing on local providers) or build a structure on the assigned plot of land!

     On-going, higher level training for the entire Diamond Member Group!  (full Diamond Level group involvement and training for all aspects of preparedness, survival, sustainability, logistics, communication, medical, and security.)


      We have a full cadre of professional instructors with over 100 years of combined experience in the fields of firearms training, survival and preparedness (with the bona fides to prove it).  Training is done one weekend each month on an annual curriculum with the goal of getting all members trained with exemplary skills in a host of areas, and then begin the specialization process based on desire, skills and availability.  Our 6 Core Competencies are:







SO stay tuned for the email blast to announce the official launch of this program, coming soon!

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