America is doomed.  On Her present course, our beloved Nation will go the way of the Titanic.  And just as that famous behemoth was destroyed by what lay beneath the waterline, America, too, will sink because of the mass of hitherto ignored and intentional forces that have been dealing Her the fatal blow by the Death of a Thousand Cuts for over a century!

I travel a lot and talk to everyone I can.  My topic of conversation almost inevitably revolves around my beloved country and my never-ending quest to find and motivate (two separate but equally challenging tasks) every Patriot that I am able.  Motivate them to not just raise their fists but to raise their voices.  Because, my fellow Patriots, you are not alone!  We are a legion unto ourselves!  And the only way we can retake our great nation is to rise up together.  But what I see on so many faces, behind so many eyes, and hear in so many uncertain voices, is a sense of finality, almost as if the fight to recover our great Nation was already over.

That is when my fire flares!  But not a fire of anger or of disdain.  Rather a fire of righteous passion!  Each time I am presented with an opportunity to use my fire to rekindle the spark of patriotism in one of my fellow Americans who has fallen into the morass of despair.  This is how we reclaim our Nation, one Patriot at a time!  Because we none of us can do it alone, I have made it my mission to remind every Patriot that they are not alone and to rise up!

Because our system is broken.  It no longer works for you and me.  I don’t care about politics or ideology.  I ONLY care about preserving the greatest nation the world has ever seen – AMERICA!  And that means YOU.  Because the nation isn’t her land, it is her people.  Our people.

But for too long, the belief in our people, in our way of life, has been eroded to the point that even the word “patriot” is viewed as derogatory.  That’s why, when I refer to you as Patriots, I capitalize it – because it is not just a word to me, it is an earned title!  A Patriot is part of something bigger than one person.  A Patriot lives by certain obvious and subtle rules, such as those laid out clearly in the Constitution and those aluded to so prosaically in the lives of those who built this great Nation.  One of the unspoken duties of the Patriot, never mentioned anywhere in our founding documents but fiercely exercised in word and deed by each of our Founding Fathers, is to proudly proclaim to the world that you are American! That you enjoy the God-given gifts of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness! And that it is to this end, that you pledge your Life, your Fortune and your Sacred Honor!

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