“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”  George Orwell

False Paradigms have taken over the United States!  I have always enjoyed the freedom we enjoy under the umbrella of our Republic.  Enjoyed the ability to share ideas and beliefs with friends and folks from every walk of life and ideology.  It has made me a better man for walking with others on their paths, even if for just a short while, learning a little about how they see the world.  And never judging any.  There’s only one Judge, and I am not Him.  We only become better human beings by not imposing our beliefs or views on others and freeing them from the burden of our expectations and assumptions.  And receiving the same courtesy in return.  Under the umbrella of our amazing Republic, we have thrived with that same accepting attitude toward others.  Live and let live.  Despite the occasional dissident, that concept has stood the test of time here in America.

But something has gone terribly wrong.  We have all become, to one degree or another, victims of the Metadata Masters!  The Word Wizards!  Dare I say, the Lords of Locution!  We have been force fed worldviews that are not of our making, as if they were real.  Republican?  Democrat? Liberal, Conservative, Independent, Right Wing, Left Wing, Centrists, Libertarian, this religion, that religion, extremist, fundamentalist, blah, blah, blah, ad nauseum.  These are ALL false paradigms that have just enough truth to them to sound reasonable to some, and enough fallacy to be outrageous to others.  Each asks of you to sacrifice the one glorious gift that our Republic was designed to protect.  You see, they have to ask for it so subtly that you’ll never see what it is they are asking you to give up.  So the Word Wizards weave their art into a miasma of misinformation like manna from the masters atop their mystic mountain of ivory!  And they ask the question that begs no answer, only obedience and action.  For the question is simple: Are you an Individualist or are you a Collectivist?

“You can sway a thousand men by appealing to their prejudices quicker than you can convince one man by logic.”  Robert Heinlein

And all of our oh-so-noble parties and political action groups and religions and so on and so forth, they all ask you to sacrifice your Individualist dreams for the good of the Collective, the Whole, the Group, the Party, the Country…  And so, by the numbers and by design, the Individualist has become a dying breed – to the despotic detriment of everything this country has historically stood for…

Where else in the world, now or ever, can you find a whole system of government, a Constitution – our very Republic itself! – that was designed for one over-arching objective, one passionate pursuit of a simple truth?  And that truth is that, what we call the American Spirit, resides in what our Founding Fathers built with that Constitution, with our Republic.  They built it all for YOU!  YOUR freedom, YOUR liberty! That is the simple truth!  Not OUR freedom or OUR liberty.  But YOURS.  You, each individual reading this.  They fought, as have so many millions of Americans since, so that YOU could be free to pursue your dreams and aspirations to fruition, free from Public or Private impediments.  They built this system to protect that one sacred Truth.  That awes and amazes me more than I could ever express.  I think of it and am torn between my eternal admiration and gratitude for their treasured gift… and my growing sadness and frustration at watching too many of my fellow Americans fall victim to the false paradigms that are swallowing the Individualists en masse!

“Dictatorship feeds on the ideological chaos of bewildered, demoralized, cynically flexible, unresisting men.”  Ayn Rand

I, for one, will never sacrifice that Individualist spirit that burns like a supernova in my heart!  I am not demoralized by the chaos, nor am I cynically flexible in my beliefs in this greatest nation on Earth.  I won’t give in to the false paradigms that seek to reduce our beloved Nation to embittered, entrenched enemies fighting for the scraps from the table of the Lords of Locution.  And I will resist.  It is not the Legion of my fellow Individualists that cause me a measure of pause and trepidation, though there are some.  It is the growing mass of Collectivists, in the Public and Private Sectors, who believe that the good of the whole outweighs the good of the few – and want to stuff or sugar-coat that idea down all our throats! – who scare me the most.  These are the foot soldiers in the inevitable conflict that is coming to our shores, to our States and Cities… to our homes.  Foot soldiers of political or religious ideologies, from within or without, who believe with frightening zealousness in the supremacy of their perspectives – at the expense of yours and mine.

These Word Wizards have already won the war of words that most people didn’t even know was being waged.  When we as a people won’t call Evil by its name when faced with it, if we won’t stand for the Everyman with conviction and pride in each Individualist’s willing participation in this great experiment that is America – versus their compelled, coerced participation under the threat of punitive damages – when we allow so much injustice to run rampant across our Nation because of political correctness or fear of being labeled a racist or bigot, or being called “intolerant” or “un-American” – these are the warning signs of a Nation spiraling out of control and into the abyss of Collective uniformity.  I will save for another article the inherent threats within that uniformity…

“A nation which can prefer disgrace to danger is prepared for a master, and deserves one.”  Alexander Hamilton

So, in order to preserve our great Nation, we must all stand tall together and say with one voice, “NO MORE!”  Because I, like most of you, want my country back.  Too many of you are burdened under the yoke of restrictions, regulations, political regurgitation, and either can no longer see the shining light of liberty that forged this country or, perhaps because of the burdens, you see so very clearly with the eyes of an American Eagle, exactly how far down the rabbit hole we have fallen and you feel more deeply your fundamental connectedness with that shining beacon of liberty.  It burns in you, as it burns in the hearts of every Patriot!  WE are that shining light!  WE are America!

“The secret of happiness is freedom.  And the secret of freedom is courage.”  Thucydides

When the tides threaten to overwhelm, our sleeping Patriots will waken.  But will it be too late?  Now is the time to wake from the somnolent lassitude of imposed ideologies and reclaim our birthright!  So with each breath unto my last, I call to action all Patriots!  Use the greatest weapon you have: your voice.  Motivate your fellow Patriots wherever you find them.  Let them know that they are not alone.  WE are the majority still.  But a silent majority deserves what it gets.  Resist the false paradigms and reclaim your Individualist spirit.

For one day, in the not too distant future, Individualists must choose, as only free men and women can, to unite to defend America from one enemy or another, foreign or domestic.  So awaken… prepare… train… and work together now.  We need you!

“Hell comes when the evil of the world exceeds our belief that we can conquer it.”

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