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Posted by: CAT | 2018/04/25

Please note that the Ladies ONLY Personal Defense classes for 19MAY2018 and 02JUN2018 do NOT have MyWorld discounts only because these are the first two and we will be determining price structure off of these. There is one set for 09JUN2018 that shows the MyWorld discount but that is subject to change after these first two classes. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Semper Paratus!

Posted by: CAT | 2017/05/30

FREE Ham Radio classes starting June 3rd! We will be hosting 6 classes in a row, each Saturday from 10:00 AM to Noon, in order to get folks ready to take their license exam required by the FCC. There will also be a free class after each Ham Radio session but these will be on Preparedness, Personal Defense, Medical, Survival, and Sustainability. Reserve your seat now! These classes are free (RSVP is $35 under "Classes" but $5/class will be refunded to each individual.

Posted by: CAT | 2016/07/30

September is National Preparedness Month! We will be hosting several classes throughout the month to help foster an awareness of what it means to be prepared... such as Have A Plan!!!

Posted by: CAT | 2016/07/11

Ever want to learn a little more about how to have sustainable food? Check out the Upcoming Classes for the new Permaculture 101 class we are offering. It's FREE!!!

Posted by: CAT | 2016/07/11

Rolling fast on upcoming classes! Look out for the new Fundamental Tactics: Concealed Carry Class coming next month!! Take the FT: CC class in the morning, and then come to our facility and get your CCW permit class the same day!

Posted by: CAT | 2016/07/02

Did you know.... That America declared its independence from Britain on July 2nd? The Declaration of Independence was agreed upon this day in 1776 by the States but the words had yet to be formally written. When Thomas Jefferson finally wrote the Declaration it was quickly approved on July 4th by the Congreses.

Posted by: CAT | 2016/06/23

Teen Boot Camp Update: The 15 teens that I have been running through my Combat Conditioning class are freakin' awesome!! I get so charged after that class because we laugh our butts off while I get to motivate them to never quit! They get to learn first hand that the only thing that will stop you is YOU!! That your mind will quit long before your body does. Never quit. Never surrender! And they never let me down! Love those kids.

Posted by: CAT | 2016/06/23

Be sure to visit the Forum (members only) for the recent discussion on Gun Control.

Posted by: CAT | 2016/06/23

Dust Storm in PHX! Be safe and wait it out, if possible!

Posted by: CAT | 2016/06/23

Thanks to the stalwart efforts of my web designer, Josh M., we now have a fully functioning web site! Don't forget to check out the members only area, the Forum, Blog, and the upcoming classes. I am both extremely grateful and humbled by Josh's great attitude and amazing skills and knowledge in his chosen field of expertise. This is his kung fu!!

Posted by: CAT | 2016/06/21

DarkHorse Unlimited is proud to announce that we are partnering with CTS Arms, a local training and firearms distributor, to bring on-going Carry Concealed Weapon (CCW) Permit classes. Check out the schedule for more information!

Posted by: CAT | 2016/06/21

I was recently honored with a personal invitation to be on one of the longest running radio shows to date on all things sportsman-related! The show is on 1100 KFNX AM Radio every Sunday morning from 07:00 to 9:00. I am so excited because of my deep respect for Don McDowell and his lovely wife, Jan, who I have known and cherished for many years now. Don, a.k.a. the Bass Daddy, has a lifetime's wealth of experience to share each Sunday and always brings in some incredible - and often famous - guests to share their take on everything from hunting and fishing to politics that affect the world of the sportsmen. Therefore, I am truly humbled to have been asked to also be on the show. So, tune in each Sunday for one of the most amazing and informative sportsman shows - and especially next Sunday, 06/26/16 at 07:00am, to hear your's truly hopefully not make a fool out of himself. LOL Can't wait!!

Posted by: CAT | 2016/05/27

Welcome Henderly as the new NRA Certified Range Safety Officer (RSO) to the DarkHorse team!

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